Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Bitwig: Spring Theory

A spring reverb is a physical box with some short springs in it, a transducer, and a magnetic pickup that detects the vibrations. It can simulate a decaying reverberation based on how many springs, and the tightness of them. Typically used with guitars; sounds metallic, and echoed.

After listening to some reggae and "surf rock" style music, I became interested in creating a spring reverb in Bitwig. Here are some resulting presets that give a "springy" sound. The theory was to create a very short delay period with generous feedback. The higher resonance is cut off with a lowpass filter. the delay is inside a reverb with a small size to provide more vibration. the second version has some macro controlled parameters and a distortion at the end.

Within Bitwig there are probably many ways to create this type of device. I'll post more ideas when possible. so far experiments started with the basic delay, and reverb device.

spring theory #1:
an effects layer with 3 different tuned delays.

spring theory #2
chain with reverb and delay inside wetfx. rotary at the end to give channel variation.

spring theory #3
nearly the same as above, but with macros to control parameters and a distortion on the end.