Monday, January 18, 2021

Cliffords Piano: Virtual Instrument

 The second version of Clifford's piano, has been recorded. You can now download the updated Bitwig sampler preset. Kontakt and TX16Wx.

You may download the instruments here or support my creations on Gum Road: Purchase on Gum Road

The Bitwig preset has some extra FX for reverb and distortion. In this instance, the "tool" is plugged in there because I forgot to swap the L/R channels for low and high keys. As shown in the picture, the "right mic" is picking up the lower keys. when played, the low keys appear from the wrong side. For Kontakt, the channels are properly oriented. Edits were done in Reaper, sliced and rendered by regions.

Microphone setup within the piano

Bitwig Multisampler & Device Macros: 
The sampler low-pass is controlled by velocity
 to give a lower tone on soft keypresses.
This compensates for the lack of many velocity layers.

Waveform trimming in Reaper to Kontakt sampler.
This instrument has a low-pass also modulated with velocity.
I've been studying the KSP scripting to get a basic interface
for a few FX, but that part is not quite ready.