Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Bitwig Piano Presets

Various piano recordings brought into Bitwig multisampler. The captured sounds were stretched and blended across all the octaves possible. Not extensively sampled set, but could work for some piano lines or textures.

  • Download: "Clifford's Piano" V1
    • Steinway grand piano; cover closed. Recorded very close in a muffler in small room. It sounds very soft and dull. strong for low and high keys, weaker in the middle. I plan to go back with more mics and more varied placement.
  • Download: "Mall Piano"
    • Bluthner grand piano; cover open. Recorded nearby with sensitive mic setting in a large open hardwood gallery. Captured after hours in the mall at night, still noises in the distance. This has brighter sound.

Thursday, November 5, 2020

Movie Inspired Sound Mix: "Rabid, 1977"

 During the Halloween season, I developed a few sounds and mixes inspired by the 1977 movie Rabid by David Cronenberg. Here are a few of the samples made in the process of watching.

Download: Rabid Textures Samplepack