Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Stone Guardian: blender sculpting

Stone Guardian

Work in progress: starting to shape finer details

Textures applied, next to brick walls

Updating: Rewrapped UV,
Painting in detail heightmap.

Blender Noise synthesis Materials

 A few experiments using noise and patterns to generate, non-repeating materials. It is nice for prototyping the surface qualities, and can be baked down into various surface bitmaps.

Geoblocks with some ideas for metal, wood, and stone.

generated rusty metal surface

Industrial Stairs with variable paint rust.

Simple fabric based on noise and checker.

Brick generator: group nodes to contain color mixers

Cat Climber Materials. Carpet, wood, rope

rough sisal rope mixture

Stone sculpture:
3 different procedural texture variations

Zen garden sculpture:
reference and shader overview