Thursday, July 20, 2023

Oracle Mask Sketch - Sculpture

 After many attempts at translating this sketch to a sculpture, finally some success.

This sketch was from around 2010. Between that time and now, I attempted to create sculptures in clay, with complex armatures, various attempts using paper mache and paper strips bonded to thin wires to build up the form. Also made attempts at using a combination of paper pulp and resin formulations. None were able to get the accuracy, detail and structural stability that is possible today. I have improved my knowledge of 3D modeling and sculpting techniques, and learned 3D printing techniques using cured resin. Now it is finally achieving its intended look and form as depicted in the sketch.

15cm tall final print, includes stand

3d print, direct comparison to sketch printout

prototype shapes in back form the stand

This was only the first printing of this sculpture, and so far it was a very successful result. The stand design is experimental, and may be changed to a simpler concept. As for realizing a complex composition of interwoven shapes, it may not have been possible using any other method in the past. Not to mention the consistent quality and potential for multiple copies to be produced.

This sculpture, and several other will be coming to my online shop in the near future. This will include the "Nose Totem", and "Humanoid Pupae" diorama. As soon as the final versions are completed, with possible variations, and final painted surface presentation.

The sculptural form is represented accurately with no noticeable imperfections or delamination. The print itself will definitely need to be improved. The print orientation required many more layers, with a build time of 14 hr. The supports were effective, but also excessive, and caused surface damage where they intersected places on the model.

Test alternative orientations, and manual supports. A second print was attempted with some mix of used resin, different rotation and manual supports. the orientation was ok, but resulted in some trapped resin, and used resin may have been the cause of delamination and strong bed adhesion. I would recommend all new resin. possibly slower initial lift speed.

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